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Behind the scenes

On a sunny Sunday in April, the Ferganza team took it to the streets of Amsterdam to photograph the first new pieces of the collection for our webshop. We always have a blast when we are working in our boutique, but we especially have a good time when we do a photo shoot. But what good is it when no one else knows? Thats why we decided to give a behind the scenes look at what goes on. 


Amsterdam really offers a variety of unique locations, for the perfect end result. It doesn’t matter what kind of location you are looking for, Amsterdam has it! Everything about this city excites you and thats why we chose the beautiful Amsterdam!


The day before the photoshoot we always put the outfits together, which outfit is for which model and what looks good together. We always try to mix and match items into different styles, so everyone can see the item in their clothing style.

Models, hair & make-up

For this photoshoot we had the two beautiful models, Kanea & Isabel. Our models start to get excited as the make-up artist and hair stylist work their magic on them. We asked the make-up artist for a naturel make-up look that goes with every outfit. During the photoshoot we touched up the hair and make-up to have a flawless result.

The whole team did a great job!
All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing team!